Verity Platform

Verity Tracking is a digital monitoring, reporting, and verification tool that uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) for end-to-end traceability. This information can be used to gain insight into your supply chain and to identify areas for reducing emissions.

Verity Tracking uses real data everywhere possible and avoids using modeled data or averages. Instead of relying on county or national averages, which may not accurately reflect the emissions in your supply chain or your carbon intensity savings, Verity incorporates real data into its DLT platform.

Through the use of DLT, smart contracts, and machine-learning technologies the Verity platform has been architected to drive market-level outcomes that are unique to the industry.

A DLT approach to tracking carbon intensity (CI) is one way to assure an immutable, transformational, and traceable CI profile for biofuel feedstock through the full carbon lifecycle.

The Verity platform has been built to support the emerging ESG and sustainability needs of any industry.    

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