About Verity Carbon Solutions

Who Is Verity? 

Verity is a diverse team of climate & ag tech, sustainability engineers, carbon & commodities, blockchain experts, data scientists, farming, and energy professionals who share a collective ambition to create global impact while creating new value for the people having a positive impact on the planet and mobilizing the capital required to transition to a sustainable and equitable world.


Paul Bloom, PhD

Head of Verity / Chief Carbon Officer

Ronald Zink, JD

Chief Operating Officer

Kimberly Bowron

Chief People Officer

Steve Leishman

Vice President, Data Engineering

Jenn Bond

Director, Customer Success

Lauren Miller

Director, Voluntary Carbon Markets

Paarul Bansal

Senior Technical Product Manager

Austin Vaillancourt

Senior Business Manager, Biofuels and Bioproducts

Danielle Duran 

Product Analytics Lead, Data Science

Claudia Dieterich

Principal Data Engineer

Dan Nelems

Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Jacob Garrett

Senior Data Analytics Engineer

Fabio Teichmann

Data Scientist & Sustainability Modeler

Rachel Stanley

Geospatial Data Engineer

Carlos Escobedo

Senior Data Engineer

Shane Rowe

Principal Software Engineer

Daniel Tovar

Senior Front End Software Developer

Kevin Day

Backend Software Engineer

Caleb Lovell

Senior Front End Engineer

Chandler Mazour

Product Manager

Travis Deppe

Senior Manager of Strategic Alliances

Laura Lyman

Program Manager

Jordan Keltgen

Field Service Manager – South Dakota

Mark Ritter

Grant Administrator

Greg Ervin

Field Service Manager – Iowa

Nancy Young, JD

Chief Sustainability Officer

Karyn Jones

Director of Sustainability

Katherine Hough

Senior Manager, Climate and Sustainability Programs

Zoe Amerigian

Senior Analyst, Sustainability Policy & Modeling

Shishir Kumar, PhD

Senior Analyst, Carbon Sustainability

Carrie Werkmeister

Senior Soil Scientist

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