Measure, Report, Verify and Value (MRV-V)

MRV-V stands for Measurement, Reporting, Verification and Value. The MRV-V of carbon intensity around commodities presents an unprecedented opportunity to harness the macro factors driving the market & create both new value creation and better earth outcomes through the systemic transformation of the sector.

What Is Verity Doing Differently?

The last “V,” value, has been left out of the equation for too long. Without this inclusion there are no incentives at the source level for commodities producers to participate in the financial upsides of creating better planetary outcomes for future generations.

This is largely due to aspects inherent in carbon markets: 

• Verity offers the first-of-its-kind, real, verifiable, scientifically modeled, carbon intensity (CI) score through the whole carbon lifecycle. Verity tracks back to field-level feedstock production or sensor level for other energies (Carbon-differentiated biofuels, natural gas, renewable natural gas, or Hydrogen)  

• Verity removes the challenge of zero connectivity of carbon intensity tracked through the supply chain (Scope 3)   

• Verity modernizes data collection and aggregation to move away from the heavy reliance on outdated forms of carbon value and manual processes across the carbon value chain 

• Verity eliminates the lack of transparency and risk of double-counting carbon benefits that have plagued companies trying to measure the impact of their supply chains.

• Verity helps customers to efficiently incorporate external factors relating to carbon intensity, such as regenerative and climate smart agriculture inputs and differentiated attributes for clean energy and fuel sources. 

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